Making sure that your truck remains a Mercedes.


Making sure that your truck remains a Mercedes.

With our spare parts, you are on the safe side when it comes to the performance and value retention of your truck. Depending on the age and mileage of your vehicle, Mercedes‑Benz Trucks offers you Genuine Parts and Genuine Remanufactured Parts as well as TruckParts profitable solutions.

Spare parts

Genuine Parts

Worldwide warranty, long-term delivery capability and short procurement times – with Mercedes‑Benz Trucks Genuine Parts you are on the safe side. They have been specially developed for our vehicles and tested in numerous tests according to strict, precise specifications.

Genuine Replacement Parts

The usual durability and quality at a lower price: We recondition Mercedes‑Benz Trucks Genuine Remanufactured Parts so that they meet the requirements of new parts.

Oil and chemicals products

In order to be on the road efficiently for many years, your truck needs high‑quality oils, operating fluids and auxiliary materials. We recommend that you only use products that have been tested and approved by us.


Made for your older trucks: TruckParts meet the strict Mercedes‑Benz Trucks safety standards, some of which even exceed the legal requirements.

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Guaranteed quality and reliability

Guaranteed quality and reliability

We won't let you down.

From old to new

The right products for a long truck life.

For a long truck life

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