Safety assistance systems

By your side.

No matter what you move with your truck, the most important thing is an accident-free journey. The Mercedes‑Benz Trucks assistance systems can help you keep an eye on everything and manoeuvre your vehicle on the road in a controlled manner – especially in critical situations. We not only fulfil the legal EU standards for safety assistance systems that will apply from mid-2024 – in some cases we even exceed them. But from a Mercedes‑Benz truck, we would expect nothing less.

Turning and lane changing

Active Sideguard Assist 2

The advanced, second generation of Active Sideguard Assist can support drivers across the entire speed range when changing lanes or turning with restricted visibility. What's more, the two-stage warning system can alert drivers to potential hazards so that they can mitigate a critical traffic situation in good time.

Overview of functions
  • Monitoring on driver and front passenger sides 
  • Two-stage warning system when a hazard is detected (first visual information, then visual and audible warning) 
  • Detects and warns of hazards across the entire speed range
  • Active brake intervention when turning to the right (right-hand traffic) or left (left-hand traffic) in the speed range up to 20 km/h if there is no reaction to visual and audible warnings

Active Brake Assist 6

The sixth generation of Active Brake Assist offers enhanced environmental detection with its 270° fusion technology. This allows the system to react even faster to critical situations, for example when approaching stationary or flowing traffic.
It can also detect pedestrians and cyclists in the lane, whether crossing or oncoming. If a potential collision is detected, Active Brake Assist 6 can react with automated emergency braking in the speed range up to 60 km/h.

Overview of functions
  • 270° environmental detection by camera technology plus additional short-range sensors on the headlamps and to the side
  • Can react to pedestrians and cyclists up to 60 km/h
  • Can react to moving and stationary vehicles on bends with large radii, e.g. on the motorway
  • Three-stage warning system when danger is detected: first visual and audible warning, then partial braking and finally automated emergency braking
  • Radar technology for greater reliability even in low visibility conditions
Moving off and manoeuvring

Front Guard Assist

Front Guard Assist can increase driving safety even before drivers set off. It monitors the traffic area in front of the vehicle and supports the driver in the speed range up to 15 km/h, e.g. when the vehicle is stationary, when moving off or at junctions. If the system detects moving objects in front of the vehicle, such as people, the warning system can help the driver react in good time with a two-stage hazard warning.

Overview of functions
  • Active in driving situations up to 15 km/h
  • The monitoring range covers the blind spot in front of the vehicle (up to approx. 4 m) across the full width of the vehicle
  • Two-stage warning system when a hazard is detected (visual warning, then visual and audible warning)
Keeping in lane and keeping a safe distance

Active Drive Assist 3

The latest generation of Active Drive Assist offers even more safety and comfort, especially on long journeys. From automatic proximity control (including in stop-and-go traffic in traffic jams) to smart Lane Keeping Assist and the Emergency Steering function: if there is a risk of collision when changing lanes, the system can actively intervene and steer your truck back into its own lane. For example, if a health problem causes you to stop driving, the hands-off warning can initiate controlled emergency braking if you fail to react.

Overview of functions
  • Promotes economical and pleasant driving, especially on the motorway
  • Can provide support across the entire speed range
  • Automatic distance control with stop-and-go (moving off and stopping in traffic jams)
  • Active Lane Keeping Assist
  • Can prevent the vehicle from leaving its lane by active steering intervention
  • Can progressively brake the vehicle to a standstill in the event of driver inactivity
  • Can steer the vehicle back into its own lane when changing lanes if a risk of collision with vehicles in the next lane is detected

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The images and texts may include accessories and special equipment which do not form part of the standard specifications. The images shown must be considered examples only and do not necessarily reflect the actual state of the original vehicles. The appearance of the original vehicles may differ from these images. The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes without notice. Images and texts may refer to models and assistance services that are not available in some countries.

1 Assistance systems can only assist drivers. The driver is always fully responsible for driving the vehicle safely.

2 Standard in the EU.

3 With special equipment S2J, the deactivation option of the emergency braking systems Active Brake Assist 6 or Active Brake Assist can be prevented by the system.

4 Special equipment, only for certain vehicle configurations.

5 Special equipment, only in conjunction with Servotwin steering, Proximity Control Assist, Active Brake Assist 6, Stability Control Assist and Multimedia Cockpit, interactive.