On the road together.

Drivers World

On the road together.

If you’re a trucker, you’re in the right place: welcome to the Drivers World of Mercedes‑Benz Trucks. The place for everyone who roams the roads of this world with pride and the star on their truck – and who always has a very special place with us. Get on board and become part of the community!

RoadStars - Featuring Mercedes‑Benz Trucks

Your community.

Not just for dinner at the rest area: truckers from all over the world also meet in the digital world. You can also experience the stories of the community up close at RoadStars. Inspiring reports, exciting truck models and adventurous tours await you. And you can take part live in member campaigns such as driving safety training courses or driver events. Share your experiences with other professionals now.

Design and function, perfectly combined.
Mercedes‑Benz Trucks Merchandise Online Store

Design and function, perfectly combined.

Whether it be for functional clothing on the road, practical accessories, or for the latest scale truck models as toys or collectables: as a trucker and fan of the Mercedes‑Benz Trucks brand, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our Merchandise Online Store.

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