eActros 300/400

Charged and ready.

Sustainable, future-focused, innovation-driven, and quiet: Step into the era of locally CO₂‑reduced, heavy-duty distribution haulage in urban areas with the all-electric eActros 300/400.


eActros 300/400 – the integrated solution.

More than just an impressive truck: the eActros 300/400 is the heart of a complete solution that helps make your transport operation efficient and profitable: It includes excellent service for your truck, digital services for the entire fleet and comprehensive advice on switching to eMobility.

Sustainable and quiet

Protecting the environment and respecting the community: The eActros 300/400 not only emits fewer local CO₂ emissions, but is also significantly quieter than a diesel-powered truck. This means that it can be used around the clock in populated areas.

Simply strong in distribution transport

Full power for the city: with its powerful drive and a range of up to 30012, 33010 (eActros 300) or up to 400 km (eActros 400)11, this truck is perfect for heavy-duty distribution haulage in urban areas. Diesel no-entry zones are a firm fixture in many urban areas and many cities are also planning to introduce noise-based driving bans for commercial vehicles. However, for the eActros 300/400, none of this is a problem: this cutting-edge vehicle can carry on working where others cannot enter.

Easy switch thanks to eConsulting

Together into a new chapter of transport: Your eConsultant will accompany you every step of the way in the introduction of eMobility in your company. From planning the right charging infrastructure and financing to integrating the new technology and vehicles into your operating procedures.


New drive system for town and country.

Smooth flow even in heavy traffic: no problem for the eActros 300/400. Thanks to its eAxle with 2 motors and up to 400 kW peak power, it accelerates powerfully and virtually without delay. Depending on the model, its lithium-ion batteries deliver a range of up to 30012, 33010 (eActros 300) or up to 400 km (eActros 400)11 – a level of endurance that is ideal for town and country alike.

New drive system for town and country

New drive system for town and country.

Drivetrain: performance at full speed

Drivetrain: top performance at full speed.

You can feel what makes the eActros 300/400's drive system so special on the first few metres of every journey. Its newly developed eAxle with 400 kW peak output (330 kW continuous output) accelerates powerfully with constant torque. The eActros glides up to speed without any interruptions to the drive power. The 2‑speed transmission efficiently distributes the drive's power across the entire speed range. All this together makes this engine far more effective than a diesel-powered truck. Impressive driving experience included.

Batteries: lithium-ion technology takes you further.

The eActros has both a huge amount of power and a great deal of stamina on the road. With an installed battery capacity of 336 1 or 448 kWh1 (depending on the model), when fully charged it has enough energy on board to meet the demands of heavy-duty distribution transport in urban areas. You can charge the eActros simply and safely using its CCS Combo 2 plug.

Batteries: lithium-ion technology takes it further

1 Rated capacity of a new battery based on internally defined conditions. This can vary depending on the application and environmental conditions.

Route planner
Route planner

Forge ahead.

What's next: simulate your routes with eTruck Ready, taking traffic, weather and load into account. And find out whether the eActros 300/400's range suits your individual requirements.

A really great trip
Comfort and design

A really great trip.

Drive stress-free, arrive stress-free: the eActros 300/400 does everything to make your everyday work at the wheel as comfortable as possible. With an ultra-silent drive, ergonomic design and intuitive operating concept, this vehicle makes your job easier on every journey.

Everything on the screen
Easy to operate

Everything under control.

It's a no-brainer: the eActros 300/400's intuitive Multimedia Cockpit, interactive shows you at a glance what you need to know about your truck. It goes without saying that this also includes information specific to electric vehicles, like remaining range, consumption data and charge level.

Driving experience

Silence is golden.

These innovative trucks are as quiet as a mouse: at full acceleration, the perceived loudness of the drivetrain inside the eActros 300/400's driver's cab is only half as high as that of a conventional truck. And vibrations are also significantly reduced, resulting in less stress and a more pleasant time behind the wheel.

Always with calm
Safe as standard

Safety as standard.

Full support behind the wheel: the eActros 300/400 is bound to impress with the latest generation of assistance systems. With MirrorCam, you get a better all-round view. And with a fire alarm and alarm system, you can also feel particularly safe during breaks.

Assistance systems: your safety upgrade.

Mercedes‑Benz Trucks' innovative assistance systems for the eActros 300/400 help you to stay safe while on the road.​ The comprehensive safety concept not only meets the legal requirements and standards – but also goes beyond them with some functions.

Safety on both sides as standard: With the latest generation of Active Sideguard Assist, the eActros 300/400 offers even better support when changing lanes, overtaking and turning in complex situations.

Anticipatory driving style: the latest version of Active Brake Assist can now detect obstacles and critical situations even better and then react with appropriate measures – from clear warning signals to automatic full-stop braking.

Keeping an eye on everything: The eActros 300/400's Front Guard Assist monitors the area in front of the vehicle and supports the driver with warning signals in the event of possible hazards. For starting off, manoeuvring and turning more safely.

More comfort and safety on the road: The eActros 300/400's Active Drive Assist 3 combines a wide range of assistance functions that make your work in the cockpit easier and help to avoid dangerous situations as much as possible.

Service included
Advice and services

Service included.

This means that your truck stays where it earns money for longer: on the road. Individual service contracts, an ample workshop network and Mercedes‑Benz Trucks Service24h all help keep your downtimes as short as possible. For maintenance – and even in rare breakdown cases.

Digital services

Digital services

Give yourself some digital help with vehicle management to make the processes surrounding your truck more profitable: with smart services like Mercedes‑Benz Trucks Uptime, Fleetboard, TruckLive and the customer portal: My TruckPoint for Mercedes‑Benz Trucks. For improved maintenance scheduling, shorter workshop visits, greater transparency on the road and dynamic route planning using real-time traffic data. As an aside: even our Mercedes‑Benz Trucks Service24h is faster in the event of a breakdown if it can access the digital data of the Actros 300/400.

Digital services.



Fleetboard gives you a real-time overview of the relevant data of your vehicles and charging infrastructure.

  • With Fleetboard Charge Management, you can view and smartly control the processes between your eActros 300/400 and your charging infrastructure.
  • With Fleetboard Mapping, you can track in real time where your vehicles are and whether they are moving, stationary or charging – and receive other important vehicle data.
  • Keep an overview of a vehicle's trip history with Fleetboard Logbook, the digital logbook. The breakdown of individual trips enables you to easily identify new potential for your eActros 300/400.

MercedesBenz Trucks Uptime

Mercedes‑Benz Trucks Uptime checks the status of many of your truck’s systems when it is started up. It can identify critical states and sends predictive repair and maintenance instructions. This allows you to react faster and avoid predictable breakdowns as much as possible. Downtimes are reduced. As are associated costs. In addition, the service gives you transparency about data, such as the state of charge and remaining range of your eTrucks – as real-time support for dispatchers. 

Mercedes‑Benz Trucks Uptime

My TruckPoint for MercedesBenz Trucks

Manage your vehicles as well as related contracts and information: you can do this easily with My TruckPoint for Mercedes‑Benz Trucks, the digital customer portal.


The best advice for the eMobility transition.

​Let our experts advise and support you on the road to eMobility. Because only the right complete package will make the eTruck a success for you. Your eConsultant will therefore accompany you every step of the way during your transition.​ From planning the right charging infrastructure and financing, including exploration of the funding options and subsidies, to integrating the new technology and vehicles into your operations.

Well-advised into the eMobility future
A perfect fit
Financial services

A perfect fit.

Switch to eMobility as smoothly as possible: with tailored financial services from Daimler Truck Financial Services. Whether you just want to use a vehicle or own one – Daimler Truck Financial Services has a tailor-made solution for your truck and your business.


The warranty for countless scenarios.

The comprehensive Mercedes‑Benz Trucks warranty from the date of leaving the plant covers the entire vehicle (max. 12 months with unlimited mileage), the ePowertrain (max. 36 months or 250,000 km) and the high-voltage batteries (max. 72 months or 360,000 km or 1,800 charging cycles).8

The warranty for countless scenarios

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Charged to change.

Charged to change

In charge for a new era.

In charge for a new era

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The images and texts may include accessories and special equipment which do not form part of the standard specifications. The images shown must be considered examples only and do not necessarily reflect the actual state of the original vehicles. The appearance of the original vehicles may differ from these images. The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes without notice. Images and texts may refer to models and assistance services that are not available in some countries.

1 Assistance systems can only assist drivers. The driver is always fully responsible for driving the vehicle safely.

2 Standard in the EU.

3 With special equipment S2J, the deactivation option of the Active Brake Assist 6 or Active Brake Assist emergency braking systems can be disabled by the system.

4 Special equipment.

5 Special equipment only available in combination with Servotwin steering, Proximity Control Assist, Active Brake Assist 6, Stability Control Assist and Multimedia Cockpit, interactive.

6 Provided that your vehicles meet the technical requirements for TruckLive.

7 Daimler Truck Financial Services products are not available in all countries. Check the availability on your market with your dealer.

8 For ePowertrain and high-voltage batteries, whichever is reached first. A warranty case for the high-voltage batteries occurs if the state of health falls below 80% under the specified conditions for the high-voltage batteries.

9 Based on internal simulations because a binding and universal Megawatt Charging System (MCS) standard is currently still in development.

10 The range was determined internally under optimal conditions, among other things, with 3 battery packs after preconditioning in partially loaded distribution haulage without a trailer with a 4x2 axle configuration at an ambient temperature of 20°C and may deviate from the values determined in accordance with (EU) Regulation 2017/2400.

11 The range was determined internally under optimal conditions, among other things, with 4 battery packs after preconditioning in partially loaded distribution haulage without a trailer at an ambient temperature of 20°C and may deviate from the values determined in accordance with (EU) Regulation 2017/2400.

12 The range was determined internally under optimal conditions, among other things, with 3 battery packs after preconditioning in partially loaded distribution haulage without a trailer with a 6x2 axle configuration at an ambient temperature of 20°C and may deviate from the values determined in accordance with (EU) Regulation 2017/2400.