Your digital customer portal.

My TruckPoint for Mercedes‑Benz Trucks

Your digital customer portal.

With My TruckPoint for Mercedes‑Benz Trucks, you have all the important data and services relating to your truck in one place. Offers, contract details and spare parts orders – easy to view and organise.

Your benefits.

All your trucks at a glance

My TruckPoint for Mercedes‑Benz Trucks provides you with detailed information about your vehicles. You can also integrate vehicles from other manufacturers using the upload function.

Manage your services

You have an overview of all the digital services you have booked and can activate and deactivate each of them. You can also view the contract details of your services here (e.g. Fleetboard).

Click to find the right spare part

You can order spare parts for your respective Mercedes‑Benz truck directly from the vehicle list. This is quick and avoids errors.

In-the-know about all new purchases

With My TruckPoint for Mercedes‑Benz Trucks, you can view the order and delivery status of your new Mercedes‑Benz Trucks vehicles at any time.

Dealer search.

Personal advice and competent service: Find your nearest Mercedes‑Benz Trucks dealer here.

Dealer search

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