Ready for tomorrow today.

eMobility at Mercedes‑Benz Trucks

Ready for tomorrow today.

The revolution is coming: switching to eMobility will revolutionise an entire industry. Reduced emissions, lower operating costs, quiet and comfortable driving – battery-electric trucks are the future of transport. We are already setting the right course today to help shape it successfully. And help our customers to take advantage of the opportunities of the future.


Your key to CO2‑neutral transport.

For the more sustainable, more profitable future of the logistics industry: Mercedes‑Benz Trucks is forging ahead ambitiously in developing and launching eTrucks.

eMobility – how did it all begin?

From research to production.

It all began as a research project on alternative drives and the opportunities of hydrogen and batteries. But what was theoretical laboratory work back then has now become a reality on the road: in 2016, we presented our first prototype of a battery-electric truck. In 2021, the eActros 300/400 followed suit and has already proven itself in practice. The eActros 600 is another important step towards battery-electric transport. And we will accompany you on your journey towards a successful, sustainable future.

What are the advantages?

Profit all the way.

The bottom line is crucial: in the end, the costs over the entire service life of the truck are what counts. Battery-electric trucks are energy-efficient and so perform particularly well in this aspect. There are also other possible benefits, such as government funding, lower taxes and local subsidies. In a nutshell: switching to eMobility is worth it.

Once you’ve driven a Mercedes‑Benz eTruck, you probably won't want to switch back to a diesel ever again. They move off smoothly, accelerate powerfully and glide along the road quietly without any vibrations. They are also supported by networked assistance systems. All of this makes driving one of our eTrucks less strenuous and supremely enjoyable.

Success must be well-planned. This is particularly true when making the transition to eMobility. With eConsulting from Mercedes‑Benz Trucks, you get comprehensive advice right from the start. From infrastructure planning to suitable financing: our experts will accompany you every step of the way and find the right solutions for your company.

What is our vision?

Steering into the future together.

Mercedes‑Benz Trucks customers like you make transport reliable, safe and efficient all over the world. Because of this, we are very aware of the key role we play in society... and of the responsibility that comes with it. After all, the demand for sustainable transport is growing rapidly. We have a clear ambition to play a leading role in the transformation of the industry. It was this pioneering spirit that drove us to invent the very first automobile and it is this pioneering spirit that inspires us to continue playing a leading role in the industry today.

Your partner: your dealer.

Personal advice and expert service on your way to eMobility: Find your nearest Mercedes‑Benz Trucks dealer here.

Your partner: your dealer.

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